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PC-BSD "PC-BSD is not a Linux distribution, but rather it could be considered among the first major FreeBSD-based distributions to live outside of the official FreeBSD. Like most distributions, it has implemented certain features in a way that attempts to distinguish it from the competition, and I will focus mostly on these differences. This test drive is intended to give an overview of what PC-BSD is and why one would consider using it."
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As someone said the average user (like me, economist) wants the computer to simply be of use to you. (and I am even taking the effort to understand Debian, apt-get, Bash, the inner workings of Linux ....)

I use Ubuntu because it installs easily and with simply GUI tools you can do what a normal user needs to do.

I just use "update manager", "install programs" and synaptic, and like to play with the themes, icons and wallpaper. Just that, no more, I want it to tell me when it needs to be updated. BUT I will never touch again the insides of my installed Ubuntu distro, I want it to update to 7.10 when the time comes, and I know that If I touch it, it wont, because already happened.

Understand me, I don't have time to be a Linux expert, and many people DON'T WANT TO BE AN EXPERT, my sister just want to use Office, to be able to visit Yahoo Weather, e-mail and play some videos of her little daughter. So PC-BSD would be ok for her, not FreeBSD.

I want (Ubuntu) a good office suite, to install Java with 2 clicks, ONE good music app, ONE good video app, and so, ONE good of each type, and get my job done.

I perfectly understand the passion for computers and OSs, but for the most people the OSs and computers are just tools to reach your goal, not the goal itself.

PC-BSD and Ubuntu (and many other distros, of course) understand that, and it's where Windows is good at. You know the interface, you know the tools (Windows Media Player, Excel, Access, etc...) and their interfaces. They cost money, but Vista comes with the computer, and maybe some specail offer to get Office.

My brother is an example of a person absolutely inflexible with that kind of issue, one day I showed him Beryl thinking he would find it amazing, instead he almost got angry with me, "I don't want that!!!, I dont need windows moving that way, that distracts me" maybe too inflexible but there are more people like him, he is also quite inflexible regarding the apps he uses for work, even OpenOffice. He is the perfect test, the model for a "nightmare user" when you study migrating from windows to Linux/Unix/BSD. Don't even tell him he needs to read the (good) FreeBSD manual.

This is the point I wanted to reach, PC-BSD fills and niche. FreeBSD is for software-engineers, sysadmins or the people really interested in OSs, that's 2% (maybe 1%) of the world.

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