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Internet & Networking "Apple's Safari is making its way to the Windows platform with the serious intention of making a dent in the market. As brilliant as the people are at Apple, I can't help but laugh at their, to put it politely, delusion. Before I ramble on too much, here are my five reasons why Safari will fail on the Windows platform." My take: Safari on Windows isn't here to take over the Windows browsing market. It's here for the iPhone.
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Unusual allegations
by DigitalAxis on Wed 20th Jun 2007 15:28 UTC
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I've never heard some of the allegations the guy is making in this article, and it doesn't seem internally consistent.

Mac users hate Safari? I've heard of Mac users not liking Firefox for Mac, but I thought by and large they liked Safari. Huh.

Also, did anyone else notice how in his first point, he claimed that not even Firefox could beat Internet Explorer (fair enough, it's like 20% marketshare versus 80% marketshare)... but then in his third point, IE and Firefox are (somewhat) dominating the market?

So is Firefox good, or bad?

Personally, I've been using Opera for a while, and trying to use Opera exclusively... but it doesn't seem to play well with Java, and it doesn't seem to play well with Flash, and it tends to render my system unstable when I have like, 10 tabs open. This is likely one of those plugins, though. I should probably test this sometime.

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