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Internet & Networking "Apple's Safari is making its way to the Windows platform with the serious intention of making a dent in the market. As brilliant as the people are at Apple, I can't help but laugh at their, to put it politely, delusion. Before I ramble on too much, here are my five reasons why Safari will fail on the Windows platform." My take: Safari on Windows isn't here to take over the Windows browsing market. It's here for the iPhone.
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I don't see the harm
by hraq on Wed 20th Jun 2007 15:39 UTC
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Why all this chaos about this browser?!
I don't see it harming us. If you prefer firefox then use it, if you like IE then use and if you like to try others then please do so, I see more browsers as a rich development maturation that will benefit all.

And I personally use:
Ubuntu: opera 9, firefox, konqueror
Vista: IE 7, firefox
XP: firefox, opera

If Apple is not a good company, or evil they would not have reached 108 Billion $ Market Capital ,of course by us the consumers, who appreciate their efforts with money.

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