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3D News, GL, DirectX "Last week the first open-source ATI R500 driver had entered the world. This new driver (named the xf86-video-avivo) is very early into development, but a small set of developers have been working on reverse engineering this GPU class for the past couple of months. This driver does not yet contain any 3D functionality or support for features that most end-users expect. At this point, the driver just contains very basic initialization and set video mode support for a portion of the Radeon X1000 family. Even with this very basic R500 driver, we couldn't help but to explore the Avivo driver for the past few days."
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Will AMD Be more open?
by scottmc on Wed 20th Jun 2007 17:04 UTC
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Hopefully AMD finally gets ATI on the right path here. Sure they can make great video cards but if there's no open driver then they are missing the cutting edge tech crowd. We might be less than 1% of the market, but it's that market who tells their friends which hardware to buy and which hardware to stay away from.
As I recall one of AMDs test for compatibilly used to be that their processors must run BeOS. Well let's see if they are still open to giving the info needed to make video drivers for Haiku.

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