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Internet & Networking "Apple's Safari is making its way to the Windows platform with the serious intention of making a dent in the market. As brilliant as the people are at Apple, I can't help but laugh at their, to put it politely, delusion. Before I ramble on too much, here are my five reasons why Safari will fail on the Windows platform." My take: Safari on Windows isn't here to take over the Windows browsing market. It's here for the iPhone.
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by sbergman27 on Wed 20th Jun 2007 19:55 UTC
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I find the whole "Safari will/won't succeed/fail on Windows" to be uninteresting. I am an Epiphany user. But if Safari on Windows coaxes even a few people from IE to... anything but IE... then I am happy.

It's a win all around. The new Safari users are happy. Web sites have more incentive to write to standards. That benefits me, so I'm happy. And I'm sure that Konqueror users would be happy. Users of khtml/webkit based browsers are neglected step children the way things stand. (Bring up Konqueror and check your gmail, sometime.)

Opera benefits from the web's increased respect for standards, too.

The only loser is Microsoft. I'll try to remember to shed a tear for them at the appropriate time.

Success or failure... iPhone or not... I like the idea, even though, as a Linux user, I will likely never have occasion to use it.

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