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PC-BSD "PC-BSD is not a Linux distribution, but rather it could be considered among the first major FreeBSD-based distributions to live outside of the official FreeBSD. Like most distributions, it has implemented certain features in a way that attempts to distinguish it from the competition, and I will focus mostly on these differences. This test drive is intended to give an overview of what PC-BSD is and why one would consider using it."
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RE[4]: Not a fan
by Doc Pain on Wed 20th Jun 2007 20:06 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not a fan"
Doc Pain
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"And you know that geeks aside, no one wants to read documentation, so we shouldn't expect computer users will read documentation ever."

I know, I know... they even throw away the instructions coming with hardware, along with the driver CDs, then start complaining that nothing no work... :-)

If everything works by itself - fine! But in some cases this assumption will fail. Then, documentation, instructions and procedures are the tools that help the user solving the problem himself. But he does not want to do something by himself, he expects someone else to do it. Because that's real intelligence: Don't do work - let someone else do the work. (I think this is the reason why so many MICROS~1 products are considered "user friendly", "intelligent" or "working by itself" - the people who say this usually let others solve their problems so they do not get confronted with the problems most of us surely know.)

"You can do that on PC-BSD too. It's basically a FreeBSD system with additional configurations and tools. You can compile your kernel on PC-BSD if you want."

Because PC-BSD is FreeBSD, you can do anything with PC-BSD that you can do with FreeBSD in fact. But building a custom system that is not based mainly on KDE is easier when you do this using a bare FreeBSD installation instead of first ripping PC-BSD into peaces and then start installting everything else (except the stuff that came with PC-BSD).

That's why I think PC-BSD is a really great solution, because it's "good enough" for both stereotypes (Joe Q. Sixpack and Cody McHackman). :-)

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