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PC-BSD "PC-BSD is not a Linux distribution, but rather it could be considered among the first major FreeBSD-based distributions to live outside of the official FreeBSD. Like most distributions, it has implemented certain features in a way that attempts to distinguish it from the competition, and I will focus mostly on these differences. This test drive is intended to give an overview of what PC-BSD is and why one would consider using it."
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RE: More things to think about. cont.
by Doc Pain on Thu 21st Jun 2007 18:46 UTC in reply to "More things to think about."
Doc Pain
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"Then once you have mastered it, you will try to get it 10% faster, transparent windows in Plan9 or Inferno, or demonstrating that xBSD is better than OSX and Windows together (that is yor passsion, 2% of the word, engineer)."

As always: There is no "better" in general. Some OSes, applications or approaches are better solving particular tasks than others. If you don't know what you need, you can't tell which solution is the best one. There is no "the (only one) solution". Refer to reality for proofs.

Just think about prime numbers. It would be easy if all odd numbers were prime. 1? Is. 3? Is. 5? Is. 7? Is, too. Wow, works! 11 is, too! And 13! But... 9? I'm not interested any more, let's drink beer now. :-)

"Meanwhile let me have my beer or play paddle, our average (guy) hobbies."

Don't you mind potential that people have? Why do we go to school after the first class where we learned the letters and the numbers? Some OSes gain potential, some don't. Some OSes help you solving your problems by yourself, some hinder you doing it. Choose for yourself.

"Every company needs to reach their customers, If you don't think about what your customers want you will not even enter their universe, you will be in your own universe, alone with your other 2% (Mr Engineer, getting paid a lot of money for your specailized knowledge), they will go with who are there, with them Microsoft and Apple, making everything beautiful and easy."

Home users often do not know what they want, or they cannot express it, or they just can tell about the result - I want to have beer then.

In order to learn more, please feel free to refer to and see how strange ideas sometimes come to the user's minds. :-)

Only people with specialized knowledge are able to give the customer what he needs because they are the ones that implement the OS kernel, the drivers, the applications. They do the thinking the end user is that afraid of.

"Why Ian Murdock is working at SUN now? What is his main goal? I think once they are able to get the Linux drivers they will play the same Apple game. Their "best OS in the world" put toghether with "run in almost everything" (Linux Drivers) and a little of the Ubuntu spice, "everything must be done with guy tools, 2 clicks, and precooked""

You're talking about GUI tools? Of course they are more appealing to end users, but they require the GUI subsystem to work properly. But what if it does not?

The CLI always works. And it has a major advantage that to GUI can implement: it is fully programmable. A GUI just lets you choose from alternatives which the original developer thought of (simplified point of view). CLI applications allow you to concatenate inputs and outputs, do filtering and similar stuff.

Please try to imagine how the following task can be solved in "Windows": Bob has downloaded several files, but he does not know which file is the correct one. Joe asks him to send him the file names so he can tell. How does Bob send him this list?

Simple UNIX solution:

% ls | mail -s "My file listing, which one is it?"

GUI solution: ?

"Why is Ubuntu there?, have you noticed that PCLOS is already nš2 in distrowatch?"

Because it's about chioce. Even if Ford does sell the majority of cars, does this force me not to buy a VW because I think this car is better for me?

"Why iXsystems bought PC-BSD, to make you type strange commands at the shell, or to play the same game of Cannonical."

Didn't you understand? PC-BSD allows you to use the superior CLI subsystem, but it does not force you to. The choice is yours, not iXsystems's.

Furthermore, shell commands are not strange. Some of them may have their roots in arbitrary conventions and consenses. Strange is how sometimes locations of icons and functionalities change...

"Less exclusiveness when what we want to get is to be as widely adopted as possible. If what you want is to beat benchmarks, that is ok, but do not pretend at the same time other thing."

So you think the least common denominator is the solution? Don't you think both goals are possible to achieve in one product - stability, security and a wide range of software on one side, and user friendyness and easieness of use on the other side? This is a goal I think working for is a good idea. In my opinion, PC-BSD does exactly try to follow this approach. It offers GUI solutions without predicting you to avoid your professional means for solving tasks.

A good solution is a solution that does not limit me in my ressources. It's okay to help those who do not have these ressources in order to solve their tasks, it's the way to go, I agree. But in professional contexts, you simply cannot reply "But it has dancing elephants!" if your MRT evaluation software does output nonsense that may harm the health of a patient. The last one is for the pill analogy. :-)

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