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Hardware, Embedded Systems sent us in a next generation DVD player, the Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player. The model is the little brother of the HD-XA2 with fewer features, but it's the only HD player that sells at $230 while using the newer, second generation HD-DVD technology.
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I don't disagree with that, but I really, really, hate region-coding (HD-DVD is region-free). Having purchased over 170 DVDs in the last few years, and with the prospect of returning to Europe some day, is going to suck. Buying a "region-free DVD" does not make my pain go away because it's not easily replaceable if it dies, and with time, region-free DVDs will be hard to find. And after the laws that try to remove more freedoms from us, this is 170 DVDs that will go to the bin.,1895,2148802,00.asp

Personally, I hate region-coding more than other types of DRM.

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I hate region coding too.
But I don't understand your whining, really.
What do you mean "not easily replaceable"?
I live in Europe, where it's very easy to buy a good DVD unit which is region-free. Yet, I bought an Oppo (one of the best units quality wise for bad DVD) in the USA from Europe, a DVD player which is region-free, 110-220 V compatible, upscales and deinterlace DVDs up to 1080p (and doing a better job at it than most HDTV or all other DVD units at his price), and cost about the same as this HD player. Better quality DVD players start at 4 times its price!
You should have known about this.
As long as they're selling DVD players, you won't have any problem keeping your 170 DVD collection. I sure enough won't sell mine.
I hate Sony and region-coding, but it seems like people won't have much choice than to go with BluRay.

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I think Eugenia was talking about buying "region free" DVD discs rather than players. But you have an excellent point--just buy a region free player and be done with it. In Europe such players are very easy to find. In America unfortunately less so.

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