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Graphics, User Interfaces Federkiel writes: "People working with Apple computers are used to a very consistent user experience. For a large part this stems from the fact that the Lisa type of GUI does not have the fight between MDI and SDI. The question simply never arises, because the Lisa type of GUI does not offer the choice to create either of both; it's something different all along. I usually think of it as 'MDI on steroids unified with a window manager'. It virtually includes all benefits of a SDI and and the benefits of an MDI." Read on for how I feel about this age-old discussion.
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The same with command lines.
by theTSF on Mon 25th Jun 2007 00:17 UTC
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Back in the days of command line There was Unix and VMS and other Mainframe Command Lines. Unix Command Lines uses rather cryptic commands for new users which make it difficult to learn but once you do learn it it is a very efficient way of doing things. VMS used a far more wordy way of getting around While it normally allowed the first few letters for a command it was sill rather wordy commands
cd / on Unix
SET DEFAULT [000000] in VMS.

But still VMS had a HELP Command vs Unix Man. If you are stuck on a foreign command line what are you going to try to do first.
Write HELP or man man (so you know how to use the manual).
It all comes down to what you are use to. Linux GUI isn't any less user-friendly them Macs or WIndows If you know it it is user friendly for you. What Linux fails is user intuitiveness having the application menu bar filled with odd named programs... Konqueror yea I would think that is a web browser. Or GIMP with a picture of some rodent that would make me think it is a program like Photoshop. Where Macs are really strong with is being able to click and drag parts around to different disjunct programs and it often does something that you expected it to do for example Ill drag my Terminal App to this text window...
Cool I now have the full path and location of my terminal application. It is little things like that that help out. But with people without these features will not stuffer they will live with out it. But what GUI people need to learn a good GUI doesn't take stellar code and a bunch of cool stuff but a way for a novice user to intuitively use the application while not making the expert feel insulted.

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