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Graphics, User Interfaces Federkiel writes: "People working with Apple computers are used to a very consistent user experience. For a large part this stems from the fact that the Lisa type of GUI does not have the fight between MDI and SDI. The question simply never arises, because the Lisa type of GUI does not offer the choice to create either of both; it's something different all along. I usually think of it as 'MDI on steroids unified with a window manager'. It virtually includes all benefits of a SDI and and the benefits of an MDI." Read on for how I feel about this age-old discussion.
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GUI Issues
by rshol on Mon 25th Jun 2007 15:47 UTC
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My problem with all GUI's is a lack of configurability. The only one that even comes close to what I want is KDE. On the desk top I want a launcher bar (launcher only, no task bar functions) at the bottom with most frequently used applications. At the top left I want a main menu, at the top right I want a notification tray. In between I want a real task bar. I want my applications to close when I close the last window.

I want more than that too. I want to change the window widgets and decorations at a whim, I want tools to fully configure my desktop.

In short, why should I not be given the ability to roll my own desktop if I want? Provide tools for corporate users to lock down the look and feel for supportability across the enterprise, but give other users the ability to make the desktop what they wish.

I would switch to Mac in a minute if I could get application menus in the application window, if I could resize windows from anywhere on the edge, and if it had a real file manager instead of the POS finder, had a task manager and I could turn off all spatial features. Since other users feel strongly otherwise, keep those things, even ship them as standards, just give me the option to customize them as I see fit.

One of the things "personal" computers were supposed to usher in was mass customization. Let a billion UI paradigms bloom. Death to UI Nazis of all stripes. I want to work like I want to work without keeping you from working like you want.

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