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Graphics, User Interfaces Federkiel writes: "People working with Apple computers are used to a very consistent user experience. For a large part this stems from the fact that the Lisa type of GUI does not have the fight between MDI and SDI. The question simply never arises, because the Lisa type of GUI does not offer the choice to create either of both; it's something different all along. I usually think of it as 'MDI on steroids unified with a window manager'. It virtually includes all benefits of a SDI and and the benefits of an MDI." Read on for how I feel about this age-old discussion.
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RE: Well...
by phoenix on Mon 25th Jun 2007 21:12 UTC in reply to "Well..."
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and despite Thom's comment about consistent menus, different applications can only have consistent menus up to a point

I believe Thom was talking about the names and placement of the menus, which should be consistent across apps, and not their contents, which are (obviously) application-dependent.

The menu bar should look the same across apps, and for the most part, they do:
File Edit View ... Tools Settings Window Help

File Edit View ... Tools Window Help

Don't have access to a Mac, so can't comment on the order of the menus there.

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