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Windows As was to be expected, the Longhorn Reloaded team has been shut down by Microsoft. "It is with sad news that I have to inform you that today due to a cesit and decist letter we recived from Microsoft we are no longer able to provide you with a download link to Longhorn Reloaded. It deeply saddens me that although Microsoft hknew about this project for many months they only issued us with this notice a few days after we started to distribute the iso via torrents and ftp server."
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RE: Cooperations buys laws
by gustl on Tue 26th Jun 2007 09:54 UTC in reply to "Cooperations buys laws"
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The customer is treated like a criminal is that the gratitude for bying a product you pay MS to betatest? you get a new OS thats incompatible with anything and
you have to rent or crack it to make it work."

Well, very good for Microsoft, I would say.

You bought the Beta, tested it, and now it is crap. That is exactly what the EULA to which you agreed said.

If you don't want to be treated like this, don't buy it. You have absolutely no right to demand something from anyone. If you don't like one operating system or the company which makes it, or the license it comes with, well, choose a worthier one. There are operating systems of all shapes, sizes and licenses to choose from. And lots of them are fun hacking for!

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