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Windows As was to be expected, the Longhorn Reloaded team has been shut down by Microsoft. "It is with sad news that I have to inform you that today due to a cesit and decist letter we recived from Microsoft we are no longer able to provide you with a download link to Longhorn Reloaded. It deeply saddens me that although Microsoft hknew about this project for many months they only issued us with this notice a few days after we started to distribute the iso via torrents and ftp server."
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by graigsmith on Tue 26th Jun 2007 12:55 UTC
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Duh is all i have to say. The people working on this should have known they would get a letter telling them to stop. Windows is not an open source project, modifying it not allowed, if you do you COULD get sued. Theres some fear uncertainty and doubt. use windows in a way microsoft doesn't want, and get sued.

you know what, these developers would have had better luck if they had just started with linux, cause then they wont get told to stop, and no one can shut them down.

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by Flatland_Spider on Wed 27th Jun 2007 12:54 in reply to "DUH."
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They could modify it all they want for their personal use, but they can't redistribute the modified code.

They could have posted instructions on how to modify it along with tools to simplify the process, and that would have been legal.

That's probably what they should have done. As it was, it was interested to see how far they could hack Windows.

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