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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "There's a problem with Solaris and Sun knows it. The installation experience of Solaris (along with other areas) could be greatly improved. The installer doesn't 'suck' as it's easy and known to Solaris administrators, but for a Linux or Windows user it could prove to be a bit challenging. For those of you that have never tried out Solaris, what we've decided to do is to show you this 'usability gap' with the installation process in Solaris compared to Linux. Is the experience really that bad?"
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by tweakedenigma on Tue 26th Jun 2007 14:53 UTC
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*Disclaimer*Just putting up there right away im a Linux Guy so my views are a little slanted.

As someone that has Installed both Solaris10 some of the OpenSolaris distros and a great number of Linux distro's I would say that Linux doesn't have a big advantage over solaris other then the looks. That said I think its more Distro's like Ubuntu that are making Desktop linux come into its own that are going to make the real difference as we have learned over the years that who ever controls the desktop market tends to control everything. So the install I think is somewhat of a Moot point as even though some installs are harder then others its normaly how well people can agjust to using the OS in their day to day lives that makes the difference and IMHO that is where Solaris needs the most work.

On a side note I would like to see Solaris get better along with the BSD's and Linux cause we need as many options as we can get.

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