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Linux "Let's face it; some distributions have better controls for handling display issues than others. Two that do it right out of the box that come to mind include Fedora (Red Hat) and openSUSE (Novell). Each includes tools that minimize the need to do what I gleefully refer to as the 'Xorg dance'. Basically, these options mean you are going to be spending more time exploring what these distros have to offer, yet less time wondering why your resolution looks completely off. Unfortunately, even with the latest release of Ubuntu, we have yet to see this level of functionality."
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"YaST has a lot of things that need ironing out, namely in the performance department. The old oaf works extremely well, but it's slow as hell."

When people say that they often refer to the package management module of YaST.
Name one other module of YaST that is slow?

Most modules do complex things, yet they popup within 2 seconds when selected, I wouldn't call that slow.

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Everything pops up fast enough, and it's all very responsive ...until something finishes (especially the package manager), then the progress bar shows up while everything is configured. That's what's slow, and it has always taken at least 5-10 seconds for me, regardless of hardware or platform. I suspect the reason for this is YaST rewrites the whole config no matter what you change, like updating fonts and Xorg.conf when you work on the sound card.

YaST has improved significantly over the years, though. The leap from 9.2 to 10.0 seemed to speed YaST up a lot, and 10.2's finishing progress bar is noticably faster than the older 10.x versions (but not dramatically so). Launch speed has also improved over the versions.

But it'd be nice if everything were relatively instant, like when you change something in the Windows Control Panel or OS X's System Preferences, but I'd be happy with a 3 second delay. Perhaps a good way to dramatically increase perceived speed would be to close a configuration module when you're finished with it and let YaST write the settings without a progress bar.

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