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General Unix "Many directories in the UNIX file system serve a special purpose, and certain directories are named per long-standing convention. In this instalment of the 'Speaking UNIX' series, discover where UNIX stores important files."
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Joe user or even Joe developer has no idea where the program files goes after installation.

This bothered me when I first started to use Linux. I liked to know where my programs were on Windows, and the thought of them being scattered around the file system was disturbing to me.

I don't know, but doesn't most distros have some util for that.

In gentoo:
equery files package

and you get a list with all the files that belongs to that package.

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It's even easier than that. I have not yet met a Linux or BSD that didn't have the which command.

[jamesb@loki ~]$ which vim

And yes, you are correct. dpkg, rpm, and slackware's package tools all have facilities for listing the file locations of anything in any package. I believe we both may be wasting our time though. The original poster is just another troll.

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