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Linux "Hans Reiser is waiting for me, standing on the other side of an imitation-wood table. The room is small, the concrete walls bare. A guard locks the steel door from the outside. There is no sound. Reiser is wearing the red jumpsuit of a prisoner in solitary confinement, though he has been allowed to meet with me in this chilly visiting room. There was a time when he was known as a cantankerous but visionary open source programmer. His work was funded by the government; he was widely credited (and sometimes reviled) for rethinking the structure of the Linux operating system. Now he is known as prisoner BFP563."
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RE: cuckoo
by monodeldiablo on Thu 28th Jun 2007 21:02 UTC in reply to "cuckoo"
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You're not kidding. And not just Reiser, either. They all sound too whacked out to be raising kids. Regardless of who killed Nina (if she's dead, that is), the real victims are those kids. They're going to grow up without a mother or a father, and what few memories they will have of their childhood will be stranger than some of my nightmares.

A sad case all the way around. Each of those lives is destroyed and the open source community has lost a prolific (if eccentric and pushy) contributor.

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