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Linux "Hans Reiser is waiting for me, standing on the other side of an imitation-wood table. The room is small, the concrete walls bare. A guard locks the steel door from the outside. There is no sound. Reiser is wearing the red jumpsuit of a prisoner in solitary confinement, though he has been allowed to meet with me in this chilly visiting room. There was a time when he was known as a cantankerous but visionary open source programmer. His work was funded by the government; he was widely credited (and sometimes reviled) for rethinking the structure of the Linux operating system. Now he is known as prisoner BFP563."
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Well, if anything
by rajan r on Thu 28th Jun 2007 21:10 UTC
rajan r
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While I'm not sure whether or not he killed his wife (though the prosecution case seems pretty circumstantial), my view of Reiser diminished ever so slightly with the article.

Firstly, on his defense that he is being discriminated on the account of being a geek and then turning around and say he's a gentle geek, he couldn't hurt a fly. The guy has at least a Judo brown belt, which goes to say the guy is capable of inflicting physical violence.

I'm quite concern about Reiser's childrearing philosophies. Its quite one thing to tolerate video games, its quite another to encourage it. While whether or not video games creates a propensity to violence is disputable, I don't think anyone serious could claim that violent video games is essential in rearing a masculine child. (By that account, shouldn't we keep such games away, far as possible, from girls?)

His insistence Rory's memories were inventions of some memory maker ought to make the defense counsel plead insanity.

Nina's ties with the Russian mafia seems a bit of a stretch (just because she's Russian doesn't mean she's involved or could at her own whim). And when his father, Ramos, claims cars, planes even following Reiser can't be of the local police - wouldn't someone so keenly interested in such things be aware by now that a lot of local authorities in America already have paramilitaries (SWAT). They certainly can hire a plane to follow a car if they wanted to.

I don't imagine much juries buying into a lot of the defense arguments. The conspiracy theory may well be true, but the way it is being present - colour me skeptical.

ReiserFS is a good filesystem, and it is a shame Hans Reiser isn't in a position to finish Reiser4. But if it is true Reiser killed his wife, I think Reiser4 is small enough a sacrifice for justice.

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RE: Well, if anything
by tomcat on Thu 28th Jun 2007 21:50 in reply to "Well, if anything"
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While I'm not sure whether or not he killed his wife (though the prosecution case seems pretty circumstantial),

Circumstantial? There were drops of his wife's blood in his car. Unless those drops of blood were old, that's pretty compelling physical evidence.

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RE[2]: Well, if anything
by smitty on Thu 28th Jun 2007 22:08 in reply to "RE: Well, if anything"
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Without a body or confession, most prosecutions end up being pretty circumstantial. In fact, some prosecutors have been complaining that juries expect proof like you would get in CSI when that just doesn't happen in real life. I'm sure Reiser will claim those drops of blood were from some nose bleed 10 years ago, unless the prosecution can somehow prove they are recent. But the fact that he seems to have hidden the car and the front seat is still missing looks very bad in my eyes. A sad story all around. If even half the things I've heard about those 3 people are true then their kids are going to be very messed up.

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RE: Well, if anything
by timefortea on Fri 29th Jun 2007 09:22 in reply to "Well, if anything"
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"The guy has at least a Judo brown belt, which goes to say the guy is capable of inflicting physical violence"

You are joking? Judo is more about defence than offence. Everyone is capable of inflicting violence, some more than others; doing Judo is certainly not an indicator of violent tendencies!

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RE[2]: Well, if anything
by Coxy on Fri 29th Jun 2007 14:02 in reply to "RE: Well, if anything"
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I agree, judo teaches you to control yourself, and your aggression. Practicing Judo is no sign of guilt. Being a geek who likes computers/games, on the other hand, is no sign of innocence.

Some comments here seem to suggest that the posters believe he is innocent because he wrote the filesystem they use. How sad. No one seems to give a shit about his wife, or their kid, as long as resier4 gets completed. Who cares who dies in the process. Sad.

Reiser doesn't acctually come out of this interview smelling of roses. Their are questions left unanswered and then there's his ideas about how to bring up children - questionable at the very least.

Reiser seems to want to put the blame on others because they had affairs and liked sm.

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RE: Well, if anything
by suryad on Fri 29th Jun 2007 13:37 in reply to "Well, if anything"
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I agree with you wholeheartedly. My thinking is that circumstantial evidence or not simplest things lead to the truth more often than not. IT had to be highly coinceidental that when the police rounded him up they found the seat removed, the area wet as it had been wased and some blood. I think that is enough, given his rather "interesting" way of raising his son, the pressure he was under to deliver a new file system, the incidents with his divorce, all the litigation that was going on AND his best friend sleeping with his wife whom he had loved a lot it seems.

I think he is guilty. Just because he is a self-professed geek and played dungeons and dragons and fantsay rpg games, loves battlefield does notmean that he is misunderstood and that he deserves our sympathy. Innocent until guilty is true but that apparently happened with the OJ case as well. I fear this will be another of those type of cases. Yes his wife messed up, yes his wife could have been stealing his company money...but goddamn that family is messed up. I dont think Hans is a normal person...he's a few bytes short of a megabyte...

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RE: Well, if anything
by jerryn on Fri 29th Jun 2007 19:50 in reply to "Well, if anything"
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It's a known fact that Nina's Parent had ties to the russian mob. TThe defense should send a team to russia, find the location of the kids, do a stake out, then they would find nina if she is alive. because a good mom doesn't want to stay seperated from her kids for long.

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