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Linux "Hans Reiser is waiting for me, standing on the other side of an imitation-wood table. The room is small, the concrete walls bare. A guard locks the steel door from the outside. There is no sound. Reiser is wearing the red jumpsuit of a prisoner in solitary confinement, though he has been allowed to meet with me in this chilly visiting room. There was a time when he was known as a cantankerous but visionary open source programmer. His work was funded by the government; he was widely credited (and sometimes reviled) for rethinking the structure of the Linux operating system. Now he is known as prisoner BFP563."
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RE: Well, if anything
by tomcat on Thu 28th Jun 2007 21:50 UTC in reply to "Well, if anything"
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While I'm not sure whether or not he killed his wife (though the prosecution case seems pretty circumstantial),

Circumstantial? There were drops of his wife's blood in his car. Unless those drops of blood were old, that's pretty compelling physical evidence.

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RE[2]: Well, if anything
by smitty on Thu 28th Jun 2007 22:08 in reply to "RE: Well, if anything"
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Without a body or confession, most prosecutions end up being pretty circumstantial. In fact, some prosecutors have been complaining that juries expect proof like you would get in CSI when that just doesn't happen in real life. I'm sure Reiser will claim those drops of blood were from some nose bleed 10 years ago, unless the prosecution can somehow prove they are recent. But the fact that he seems to have hidden the car and the front seat is still missing looks very bad in my eyes. A sad story all around. If even half the things I've heard about those 3 people are true then their kids are going to be very messed up.

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