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BeOS & Derivatives Bryan Varner, one of the core developers of the stalled port of Java 1.4 port to BeOS R5 has an interesting post on his blog. Recently he met up with Ian Murdock of Sun at a local Java Users Group, and as a result he is now looking to restart the port, this time for Haiku.
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Re: Mono would be nice too
by steveh2005 on Thu 28th Jun 2007 22:38 UTC
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Boy, I don't envy anyone attempting that Java port. What a bear. That could take another 3 years if it's just a few people working on it in their spare time.

Not too many have been talking about a Mono port, but that would also open the door to some nice development environments (SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop) and many other programming languages for Haiku. I haven't read about a freely available Java compiler that is up-to-date with generics, etc. but at least IKVM could be used to get the Java bytecode running under Mono's CLR.

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RE: Re: Mono would be nice too
by mmu_man on Fri 29th Jun 2007 01:19 in reply to "Re: Mono would be nice too"
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In the list of never-finished-so-never-released stuff for BeOS/Zeta I saw a mostly working port of a .NET stack (another one than mono)... shame. (oh well, not so much I suppose.)

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umccullough Member since:

I have to assume you're referring to Portable.NET?

It's not really meant to compete with Mono anyway...

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RE: Re: Mono would be nice too
by bryanv on Fri 29th Jun 2007 03:53 in reply to "Re: Mono would be nice too"
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Yeah, it's a bear alright.

Much of the class library code for 1.4.1 will be reusable on a current port though, so the platform abstraction is farily well along. It's not done, it's not quite -near- done, but I've been able to run some pretty heavy JDK 1.4 apps on BeOS R5.

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anevilyak Member since:

Would I be correct in assuming the bulk of what's not done has to do with AWT/Swing and networking?

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