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BeOS & Derivatives Bryan Varner, one of the core developers of the stalled port of Java 1.4 port to BeOS R5 has an interesting post on his blog. Recently he met up with Ian Murdock of Sun at a local Java Users Group, and as a result he is now looking to restart the port, this time for Haiku.
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RE: Re: Mono would be nice too
by bryanv on Fri 29th Jun 2007 03:53 UTC in reply to "Re: Mono would be nice too"
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Yeah, it's a bear alright.

Much of the class library code for 1.4.1 will be reusable on a current port though, so the platform abstraction is farily well along. It's not done, it's not quite -near- done, but I've been able to run some pretty heavy JDK 1.4 apps on BeOS R5.

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Would I be correct in assuming the bulk of what's not done has to do with AWT/Swing and networking?

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For those interested in Java on BeOS:

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Networking is actually fairly complete.

I've not done any gap analysis on it, but we were able to run all sorts of net applications on R5 net_server. Surely BONE was in a better state. :-)

AWT is mostly done. Keyboard handling isn't quite up to snuff -- I was working on that when we finally sorta 'let go' last time... almost two years ago now.

Swing itself is written in Java, so it merely depends on the AWT and a few other key parts being properly finished off.

Java2D - the graphics subsystem, is heavily stubbed at this point. I clearly remember what we had to do in order to get things working, and I'm positive it wouldn't take me (or anyone else who might understand what we were doing) very long to start filling out our non-BDirectWindow implementation. The use of BDirectWindow is still something I dream about (and we could acheive) - but I think at this point we'd be better off using some of the private API's in Haiku to avoid as much of the BBitmap IPC as possible.

Anyhow, networking -- no.

The biggest gaps are in AWT subsystems. KeyEvent generation, FocusHandler, and Java2D.

There were also stability problems imposed by the protect_mem issues.

The biggest problem with moving to the OpenJDK: We're two or three major releases behind, and a lot has happened in the HotSpot VM since 1.4.1. Our tree won't merge easily.

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