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Windows Microsoft is simplifying the processes via which its PC-maker partners will be able to provide 'downgrade' rights from Windows Vista to Windows XP for their customers. Microsoft will implement the first of the policy changes for its Gold Certified (top-tier) OEM partners within the next couple of weeks. The company will streamline downgrade-rights policies and procedures for the broader channel somewhat later, said John Ball, general manager of Microsoft's US Systems Group.
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"MS is already beating Linux...they've actually never been losing."jayson.knight

MS is trying to keep that from happening with empty threats, bought politicans, etc... Linux will be a problem for MS and MS knows this.

By the way I have a retail version of Vista Home Prem. Installed the 32bit version first. I ordered the 64 bit version and deleted the 32 bit version. I had to activate Vista 64 several times for some reason. Then I had to call MS about the activation. I updated the firmware to my DVDR, updated to the latest VIA drivers, and disabled onboard 10100. BONK.....the activation message hit again! I called MS..... Keep in mind this was the same system but MS could not stand it that I unistalled the 32 bit Vista and installed the 64bit on that I had ordered.

It's crap like this that makes me wonder why in the world I wasted $$$$ on Vista!

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It's crap like this that makes me wonder why in the world I wasted $$$$ on Vista!

Because you are stupid?

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How can you call the guy stupid ? Do you know him ?

He might have fallen for the same mistake Microsoft users have been making for years, that the next version will be the best thing since sliced bread, the coolest thing since air-conditioning etc etc

He was making the point to the local shill Jason.Knight that even legal Vista users have a bad time with Product Activation and that Microsoft treat ALL users are pirates. Even if they pay full whack each time.

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