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Linux "Between WINE, VMware, BOCHs and ilk - not to mention the renewed focus on virtualisation we're now seeing - we're somewhat spoilt for choice when it comes to running Windows applications on Linux. But what about the other way around? Cygwin aside, there is another way."
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But there were already other ways...
by BrianH on Fri 29th Jun 2007 14:13 UTC
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We're already spoilt for choice the other way around too. VMware, Bochs and Qemu already run on Windows, and there is a Wine-like product called Line. How does this approach compare to all of these other choices?

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From the linked article:

"Building off a concept similar to Java, LINA aims to provide open-source developers the ability to compile applications that will run on all of Windows, MacOS X, and various Unix systems."

So, I believe is not like Wine or like VMWare, its more like a runtime environment for multiple platforms.

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Is there another website than for line? This one seems broken.

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Remember, Google is our friend! :-)

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