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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature a very interesting interview with David Turner, one of the main Freetype developers, discussing the project's past and future. These days, David continues his work in Freetype even after having been hired by Google.
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RE: Fuzzy = Better? Huh?
by archiesteel on Fri 29th Jun 2007 14:41 UTC in reply to "Fuzzy = Better? Huh?"
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Unless you plan to write printed artwork in an advertising company, I think it's not worth having to pass through the fuzzyness punishment.

It's a question of personal preferences. I *really* prefer the OS X/Freetype way of rendering fonts. Then again, I use rather high resolutions (1280x768 on my laptop, 1600x1200 on my desktop) so the fuzziness is barely noticeable.

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