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Intel "Buried deep in a pile of slashdot comments, Matthew Dillon of DragonFly gives a detailed assessment of the Intel Core bugs. While a lot of news sites and bloggers were quick to dismiss the issue as inflated, Dillon's comments provide a much closer look at the actual issues."
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RE[2]: Some inaccuracies..
by Brendan on Sun 1st Jul 2007 00:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Some inaccuracies.."
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Right, because we should trust you, some nobody from nowhere that's done nothing, over two of the world's biggest hackers.

You don't have to trust me - Intel has been honest enough to make all the errata information (and all the information you'd need to understand it) freely available for anyone to download and look at.

Simply download the information, learn enough to understand the information, then come back and let me know if anything I posted has technical inaccuracies...



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