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Intel "Buried deep in a pile of slashdot comments, Matthew Dillon of DragonFly gives a detailed assessment of the Intel Core bugs. While a lot of news sites and bloggers were quick to dismiss the issue as inflated, Dillon's comments provide a much closer look at the actual issues."
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RE: Huh?
by PlatformAgnostic on Sun 1st Jul 2007 06:44 UTC in reply to "Huh?"
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In a sense it is the circuits wired incorrectly, but not really at that level. The way CPUs are designed is that there's a model of their logic built in something called RTL (Register Transfer Language) which describes the logical operations that they are meant to perform. Taking X86 instructions and translating them into results is no simple task and modern processors are really hardware JIT compilers between x86 machine code and internal RISC operations. It's possible to have incorrect edge cases and mistakes in this system.

And yes, Theo and Matt are excellent programmers, but are they really so practical? All issues they have described can be worked around without excessively heroic measures, so these issues are not dealbreakers.

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