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3D News, GL, DirectX "The last time we had written an article on Nouveau, the community project working on developing an open-source 3D display driver for NVIDIA hardware, was this past January after being enlightened by glxgears finally being able to run on NVIDIA's NV4x GPUs. Since then many developments have occurred with this open-source NVIDIA driver as we have covered in several news postings. In this article today we will share with you where the Nouveau project stands today from a user perspective as well as testing out the driver on a few more NVIDIA systems."
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information is good
by elanthis on Sun 1st Jul 2007 18:41 UTC
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Now we need similar project with AMD.

What? Dude, we have had a project for ATI/AMD open source video drivers long before Nouveau started. R300 series are working, R400 and R500 are under active development, and work on R600 has started. I think R600 is at about the same functionality as the Nouveau driver, but I'm not too sure (don't own an ATI card personally).

i mean start working on better drivers and deprecate the radeon drivers when and if the other ones work better. Maybe doing a clean room driver may have better results.

What exactly is that supposed to accomplish? Is there any evidence that the shortcomings of the current ATI/AMD drivers cannot be fixed without rewriting them? Starting from scratch "just because" is one of those things that inexperienced/incompetent software developers like to do all too often. Chances are, any shortcomings of the current driver would persist into an all new driver, because both drivers would suffer from the same lack of documentation and vendor support.

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RE: information is good
by smitty on Sun 1st Jul 2007 19:21 in reply to "information is good"
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Actually, many of the developers working on the radeon drivers say that there are some fundamental design flaws they would like to get rid of. Whether a complete rewrite from scratch is needed, I don't know, but they do at least need a major overhaul. Sometimes it is easier to just start from scratch and use the old code as a reference, and other times that would just be stupid.

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RE[2]: information is good
by No it isnt on Mon 2nd Jul 2007 21:37 in reply to "RE: information is good"
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Yes, I read something like that. The r300 driver team also picked up a trick or two from noveau's reverse engineering tools that hopefully will be put to good use soon. Nevertheless, the r300 driver with a Radeon 9800 Pro already gives 10x the frames per second the noveau driver with a GF 6600 shows in the screenshot running glxgears. That's not a very good benchmark, though.

Still, I feel the open ATI drivers are in very good hands.

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