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Linux As the number of Linux kernel contributors continues to grow, core developers are finding themselves mostly managing and checking, not coding, said Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of USB and PCI support in Linux and co-author of Linux Device Drivers, in a talk at the Linux Symposium in Ottawa Thursday. In the latest kernel release, the most active 30 developers authored only 30% of the changes, while two years ago, the top 20 developers did 80% of the changes, he said.
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RE: Monolithic...
by dylansmrjones on Tue 3rd Jul 2007 21:13 UTC in reply to "Monolithic..."
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Actually there is binary compatibility. It is perfectly possible to create binaries that runs on gentoo, Debian, Fedora, Linspire, Arch Linux, Slackware, LFS and whatever distro you can think of.

Of course you can occasionally run into missing .so-files, but this is no different than problems with missing libraries in OS X or Windows ;)

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