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OSNews, Generic OSes You might have noticed some user icons next to some comments today, this is because we enabled Gravatar support. Gravatar acts as a centralized identity pool where blogs, news sites (and recently can use their service and offer a universal icon for each unique email address. As long as you register on Gravatar with the same email address registered on OSNews, your personalized icon will be shown on OSNews (and on all other sites that support Gravatar) automatically. This is a testing period for Gravatar here at OSNews, and there are no guarantees whatsoever that the v4 version of OSNews will use that icon system or its own. It all depends on the kind of quality, stability and responsiveness we get from Gravatar's servers. So, upload your own icon at and test away! Ability to turn off user icons will be built-in on v4.
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RE: v5?
by jayson.knight on Wed 4th Jul 2007 06:19 UTC in reply to "v5?"
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"So when will you redo the site to use divs instead of tables? ;) "

I'll answer this one for you as I'm sure the OSNews staff is sick of answering it: As soon as divs display consistently across a wide variety of browsers.

Repeat after me: There is nothing wrong with using tables to display tabular data.

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