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OSNews, Generic OSes You might have noticed some user icons next to some comments today, this is because we enabled Gravatar support. Gravatar acts as a centralized identity pool where blogs, news sites (and recently can use their service and offer a universal icon for each unique email address. As long as you register on Gravatar with the same email address registered on OSNews, your personalized icon will be shown on OSNews (and on all other sites that support Gravatar) automatically. This is a testing period for Gravatar here at OSNews, and there are no guarantees whatsoever that the v4 version of OSNews will use that icon system or its own. It all depends on the kind of quality, stability and responsiveness we get from Gravatar's servers. So, upload your own icon at and test away! Ability to turn off user icons will be built-in on v4.
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Please, put it into header!
by DonQ on Wed 4th Jul 2007 15:51 UTC
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Like somebody said above - make gravatar part of the comment header. In start of text it just breaks text and comments flow.

Little mockup - current and proposed placement:

Instead of 1x1 blank gif you could then display some other placeholder to match avatar size. Currently even 1x1 is too much - it makes first comment line indented (at least in Opera), what looks ugly.

Otherwise good idea ;)

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RE: Please, put it into header!
by Eugenia on Wed 4th Jul 2007 16:35 in reply to "Please, put it into header!"
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As I said before, this is discussed, but we have to wait for Adam to decide if there is indeed space or not. I don't know all of Adam's code, so I can't do this change myself. Adam comes back in a week I think.

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RE: Please, put it into header!
by Eugenia on Wed 4th Jul 2007 16:57 in reply to "Please, put it into header!"
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I just had another look at the code, I don't think we can put it in the header. You see, there is already a cell called "Score: X" or "OSN Staff" and this cell must be quite large -- larger than the icon needs to be which automatically adopts the width of the largest cell in the table. Because the headers are usually long, this will push the design 10% of the time to create a third line of text, and this will make the design really ugly.

Sorry, but looking at the code, it is not possible to put the icon on the headers. Just wait for version 4 of osnews where the design is different.

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