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KDE "The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the second alpha release of the K Desktop Environment. This release comes straight out of Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland where aKademy is currently taking place. For the bravehearts who want to try KDE 4.0 Alpha2, please refer to the alpha 2 info page to find ways to have a peek at the current status yourself."
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RE: Few screenshot!
by leos on Wed 4th Jul 2007 22:07 in reply to "Few screenshot!"
leos Member since:

I don't want to criticize too much at this early stage of the artwork, but it looks like everyone complained so much about unnecessary borders that they went nuts and took out all borders until everything just looks like a jumble of widgets and text.

There is no visual separation between the application interface and application content, which makes everything appear very messy. Hopefully that will change, along with the window maximize/close/restore controls.

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RE[2]: Few screenshot!
by wakeupneo on Thu 5th Jul 2007 01:42 in reply to "RE: Few screenshot!"
wakeupneo Member since:

Since there are several comments about this 'border' issue, i think it's worth mentioning, yet again, that the theme used in these releases is the old 3.5 theme FOR DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY. The final look and feel won't appear until the underlying architecture is in place. The lack of borders does not impede the development of KDE so there's probably no reason for anyone to waste any time on making it pretty for you.

A little bit of patience people! There'll be more than enough eye-candy soon...

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RE: Few screenshot!
by Tuishimi on Thu 5th Jul 2007 20:58 in reply to "Few screenshot!"
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It looks like they are putting a hellish amount of work into this. And this will really be a "first version", opening up all sorts of interesting possibilities.

At this point, just looking at the changes they are making to KDE I can say I would definitely prefer using it over GNOME and I am interested to see a screenshot of their column view... anyone have that? I realy like column view in MAC OS X and prefer it over the other modes... but there are definitely some features that could be added.

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