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Morphos Genesi has posted a whole batch of screenshots of the upcoming MorphOS 2.0 release on their weblog. "MorphOS 2.0 brings not only a new OS release, but a host of applications developed by a motivated group of Developers all over the world. These applications have been tested and work with the EFIKA."
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by bnolsen on Thu 5th Jul 2007 15:39 UTC
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I thought the efika was pretty uber cool when i first saw it. But it seems the mass production projects resulting in the OLPC creating a new market is squeezing stuff like this. The first that comes to mind is that little $200 asus machine.

The biggest current failings of the efika:
- requires ATX power supply
- doesn't include video
- needs a proper case.

Sadly the above two result in an efika based machine costing quite a bit more than the above total asus box.

Not to mention morphos being a closed development project.

But regardless I applaud their efforts, the efika itself isn't really mass produced and there's always more room for good software, and definitely room for non-x86 solutions out there (i really wish x86 would go away).

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RE: efika..
by _df_ on Thu 5th Jul 2007 16:44 in reply to "efika.."
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consider that your comparing efika (motherboard) to en entire machine (olpc or asus eee machine or whatever its called).

you need to compare the efika openclient vs the others since openclient has all the parts, and then the opencleint is like $400 all up so it still losses.

id wait for the efika followup before plunking down cash to run morphos2.0

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