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Morphos Genesi has posted a whole batch of screenshots of the upcoming MorphOS 2.0 release on their weblog. "MorphOS 2.0 brings not only a new OS release, but a host of applications developed by a motivated group of Developers all over the world. These applications have been tested and work with the EFIKA."
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If you look on eBay for an Amiga, chances are it will be an Amiga 500, 600, or 1200. Those are the three Amigas that sold the most because they were cheap and could hook up to a TV.

The EFIKA is an attempt to come in at an even lower price point than that, and still have decent features. $200 for a machine that can run older software, newer software, and Linux with decent driver support is what people want.

Heck, this costs 1/3rd the cost of a Classic Amiga accelerator with a video card.

The purpose of this is to:

1. Replace older, failing Amiga hardware with a newer device that does much more, without having to spend a large amount on hardware.
2. Provide a decent hardware platform that can serve both the Amiga and hobby markets at the same time.

Personally, I think it's a decent little device because it does what the customers want at a good price. Sorry, but $600 for a PPC Accelerator just to run older stuff when I can just run it under UAE or natively on this just doesn't make sense.

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