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Slackware, Slax Here is an interesting "take a note" kind of article about the newly released Slackware Linux 12.
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RE: Why is Slackware special ?
by raskolnikov on Sat 7th Jul 2007 13:21 UTC in reply to "Why is Slackware special ?"
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- BSD-like init scripts (with sysV compatibility)
- simple and effective build system (shell scripts)
- vanilla packages (patched only if broken or unsecure)
- packages are plain tar.gz archives
- no dependencies tracking

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trenchsol Member since:

What do you mean by "build system" ? Something other instead of autoconf ?

What does it mean "no dependencies tracking" ? Packages. How do you manage packages then ?

Is there some FAQ on Slackware, that explains the specifics ?

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raskolnikov Member since:

By build system I mean the way to obtain a package from a source tarball, say bash [1]

For package management, please see [2]


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happycamper Member since:

How do you manage packages then ?

well I have been using netbsd's pkgsrc on slackware and it works nicely.

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