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Slackware, Slax Here is an interesting "take a note" kind of article about the newly released Slackware Linux 12.
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On my way back.
by w00dst0ck on Sat 7th Jul 2007 17:49 UTC
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I started out in slackware around version 7. Since then I've jumped ship into various other distro's only to come to the same conclusion many do eventually. I want a distro to stay out of my way. So I'm not running Slackware again and loving it.

Slackware is perfect for me, as it lays the ground work and then lets me take it from there. I love the simplicity in it's package management, Slackbuilds are just so damn simple to create a package with. The closest thing to that for me was when I played around with ArchLinux. Both follow the KISS philosophy and don't "over-engineer" by adding layer upon layer of complexity in means to automate everything.

My only real complaint for those so called "package managers" are the over bloated dependencies that come with making packages for the masses and not on a user to user basis. Gentoo is good for that though, USE-Flags are really nice to keeping things slim and trimmed down without pulling in all these extra packages to get functionality in an application that I'm not even looking for or going to use.

Don't get me wrong, there is just a niche that Slackware fills that I fall into. I have grown over the years of using GNU/Linux to where I need this sort of flexibility and lack of hand holding.

Now to be more on topic then this generalized rambling of my own Slackware experiences, I always like seeing these kind of reviews. It was well written with some exceptions which were already corrected.

Well, that's my 2cents.

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