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Slackware, Slax Here is an interesting "take a note" kind of article about the newly released Slackware Linux 12.
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Only a matter of personal preference. I prefer white-on-black in a terminal window, a text editor or even in a word processor. Less luminosity against my eyes.

Well, then your personal preference is rather deviant.
Since VAST majority of both printed and online publications are black text on white background.

And your "less luminosity" explanation doesn't make any sence at all. How do you deal with the other 99.99% of pages that are black on white? Do you wear very dark gogles or put a dark filter over you monitor?

Maybe damaging your eye site by squinting on diminished contrast, hard to read publication is your personal preference, but I call it a health risk and find raising a complaint about it perfectly valid.

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Black fonts on whiter papers is fine...
Black fonts on light yellow papers is better...
Black fonts on a white MONITOR really sucks...

Do you know how a monitor works?

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