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Slackware, Slax Here is an interesting "take a note" kind of article about the newly released Slackware Linux 12.
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RE: Why is Slackware special ?
by glarepate on Sun 8th Jul 2007 00:24 UTC in reply to "Why is Slackware special ?"
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I switched away from Slackware to use SuSE for a while. I switched back because my swap partitions would fill up with hundreds of megabytes and slow the system down. Not horribly, I have 3 fast drives and sometimes I configure them as a RAID 0 for speed, but still very noticeably slower.

It's not that I run lots of programs at one time that was causing all the swapping. Once the system slowed down, even with nothing but the shell running, even after shutting down X, the swap partitions were still heavily loaded until I did an init 1/init 4 or (perish the thought!!) rebooted. I attributed this to memory leaks.

Even if I was wrong about the cause, the result is that Slackware runs faster than SuSE did and that's worth the switch to me.

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