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Linux Version 5.0.2 of Yellow Dog Linux was recently released. It includes kernel 2.6.22rc4, SDK v2.0 for Cell BE, more than 70 bug fixes and updates, continued support for both 32- and 64-bit systems and has beta IBM 'System p' support.
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RE: Render workstation
by chocobanana on Mon 9th Jul 2007 12:03 UTC in reply to "Render workstation"
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The thing is that, I find the PS3 interesting only for rendering. I guess that for 3D modelling it won't be so nice.

The setup would be a standard x86 workstation with an OpenGL optimized card for 3D modelling and a PS3 just for rendering, so no need for the GPU.

By the way, I just remembered that Indigo and probably Kerkythea wouldn't work since it is x86, but Yafray may be cool, and if there's a way to make it use more than one core on multiple core processors, then it mustn't be difficult to setup it in a PS3 for use as a render workstation taking advantage of the Cell processor which already demonstrated its power in aplications like Folding@home.

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RE[2]: Render workstation
by netpython on Mon 9th Jul 2007 12:43 in reply to "RE: Render workstation"
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I think the tesla solutions of nvidia aren't that bad either.

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