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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Now that Microsoft has declared itself untouched by any GPLv3 terms, everyone is trying to figure out if they have a leg to stand on. There is a whole lot of analysis going on, with some wondering if Microsoft is a distributor of software under GPLv3 by means of the voucher distribution and others wondering just what those vouchers included."
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RE[2]: living in isolation
by Valhalla on Wed 11th Jul 2007 02:25 UTC in reply to "RE: living in isolation"
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kaiwai wrote:
-"What I find funny is FSF lambasting proprietary companies, and yet, they themselves do nothing to bridge the gap in terms of providing easy to use applications for end users."

they don't? amongst other things they provide free developer tools that enables you to create practically any application you want, even propriety.

but in your twisted mind, unless FSF also comes up with drop in replacements for state-of-the-art specialized programs that doesn't even have any real competition in the commercial realm, they are all "hot air".

are you kidding me?

and then you complain about Michael Moore making "simplistic statements about things he knows very little about."

pot calling the....

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RE[3]: living in isolation
by trenchsol on Wed 11th Jul 2007 03:53 in reply to "RE[2]: living in isolation"
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I don't think that kaiwai has twisted mind. Just some needs, as everybody else. And if he used either free or proprietary tools to develop the applications required he would wait very long time to solve his problems.

No, that is not the way the things work in the real world.

FSF is not supposed to make sure that someone develops free version of Photoshop, but they should think about increasing interoperability between free and proprietary software. More interoperability and compatibility would mean more users, and more users could make free OS platforms more interesting to software vendors.

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