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Microsoft Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to the desktop. Building on its co-founder Bill Gates' vision of a PC on every desk in every home, Microsoft will continue to focus on delivering desktop products. And in this context, nothing will change when it comes down to the development of the company's main cash cows. Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System will be followed by Windows Seven and Office 14. Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, present at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2007 in Denver on July 10 emphasized the fact that Windows Vista will neither be the last of its kind, nor the last big operating system release from the Redmond company. The same strategy is valid for the Office 2007 System.
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How did you come to that conclusion, Both Linux and Windows have been growing at the expense of old school UNIX, I think the battle for the server is far from over:

I didn't come to any conclusion. I posed a question (that's what the "?" is for).

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Secondly, does "Microsoft reiterates its commitment to the desktop" really mean "Microsoft acknowledges it has lost the server"?

Including the "really" indicates you have already made a conclusion and is now asking for confirmation.

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