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FreeBSD The next major release of FreeBSD, version 7, is one of the most significant so far, with amount of new technologies and improvement largest since introduction of 5.0. Since constantly searching the mailing lists for important changes can be a bit tedious, this page lists some of the more interesting new things in one place.
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No, you're not wrong. Franck and Oliver failed to understand when you mean. You didn't ask for FreeBSD to have perfect HW support, you asked for it to have HW support as good as Linux, which is a lot different, and legitimate, as most Linux drivers are open-source (not talking about closed-source drivers), so you just have to port them to FreeBSD.

In a perfect world, you would search on the Internet to see if the computer of your dream is fully supported by your operating system. In the real world it's not that easy, even if there's a HW compatibility list on the FreeBSD web site, you're gonna have a *really* hard time understanding the code for each piece of HW (ie: sk0, rl0, anyone?). Then you'll also have to face different versions of the same HW code, which you only discover buying the HW. In other words, only seasoned users/devs can tell for sure a computer is going to run with FreeBSD.

But as a rule of thumb, the higher the price of your HW, the more chances you have to have compatible HW ;-)

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I understand perfectly, but what you say is simply not valid for any particular snapshot in time. Over the long haul, sure, drivers will be ported. But people are only interested at the particular time when they want the support. That driver, particularly for newer hardware, may or may not exist. You have to check, and yes, that can take some work.

The 64-bit nVidia driver is not available on FreeBSD. Why? The kernel needs changes, and these are happening slowly. Open had great Wifi support before anyone else. Now that has diffused to other systems. FreeBSD will have ZFS before Linux. That's a license issue (and not hardware, but it is related).

I have never had one problem with FreeBSD hardware support over eight different computers, not all of which are x86 architecture. Sure, I understand what rl0 (*brrr*), fxp0 amd em0 mean. The reason is two-fold: my systems all are a few years old, and I looked to ensure that the various devices were supported without resorting to unwarranted assumptions.

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"so you just have to port them to FreeBSD. "

Oh yes, it is so simple. Never mind that you have to make it work in an entirely different kernel design and that you cant use the (L)GPL'd code due to the licensing. Also, it takes no time and resources at all and can be done instantly the moment new hardware arrives.

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