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X11, Window Managers Peter Hutterer, the man behind the multiple pointer X server, has released an update to MPX server, adding support for multitouch displays. "MPX already supported multiple input devices. Which blows pretty much all assumptions in user interfaces (input) out of the water. Now I've gone one step further and added support for multi-touch displays."
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RE: Not a day too late
by hechacker1 on Sun 15th Jul 2007 16:13 UTC in reply to "Not a day too late"
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Very cool technology.

What i would really like to know, is how this is handled by the GUI toolkit/framework (two hands in one app) and/or window manager (two hands in two apps)?

As far as the applications go, they don't know the difference in devices. MPX emulates a "CorePointer" i.e. generic mouse for each input device (be it a mouse or your hand).

Two hands in different apps is easy... it just means two different mouse pointers, each independent in it's respective application.

Two hands in the same application would require support for multiple events in the GUI at the same time (another use for multiple cores!). I wonder how many applications already allow two pointers to interact? Eventually we'll need applications with menus that can be opened independently and at the same time.

Multiple core CPU's will help out with lag time.. if we allow each CorePointer and its respective action to operate on a separate core. Which also means we need a re-architecture of programs that lock up when one part of it is in use. THink.. how to use GIMP for two users at the same time? What if one person is using a CPU heavy filter and another wants to do something else.

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