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Morphos "SceneCON is an annual meeting of underground computer artists who are members of the famous demo scene. With SceneCON, the organizers aim to follow the two decade old tradition of demo scene parties in Hungary. Yet, with a bit of a twist. This years party was held from the 16th until the 17th of June, 2007. Among its highlights was an extensive demonstration of bplan's EFIKA miniature mainboard running various flavours of Linux as well as a work-in-progress version of MorphOS 2.0. Luckily, the presentation was captured on video. The entire presentation has a total length of nearly an hour with MorphOS 2.0 being featured in the last 14 minutes of it."
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RE: one hour video....
by tonestone57 on Mon 16th Jul 2007 17:02 UTC in reply to "one hour video...."
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I believe the video was more to showcase the Efika itself because they spent most of the time to show and discuss the Efika hardware. Ran 2 different Linux distros on it and also showed MorphOS working on it.

The video was somewhat dull & boring. I was hoping to see them run more Linux & MorphOS applications. They did very basic things with the OSes. No 3d, no video playing, no games, etc.

It looked more like they wanted to demonstrate that different OSes will work on the Efika.

Actually this News story should have been called "Efika Presentation" because I saw very little of MorphOS use.

MorphOS looks pretty cool by the way.

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RE[2]: one hour video....
by vezhlys on Mon 16th Jul 2007 17:19 in reply to "RE: one hour video...."
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3D, video, games? It's hard to believe that such things can work on this computer and, probably, it is not intended to do that. 400MHz processor is just to slow and 128 MB of RAM is not enough for that in my opinion. Even on this presentation it is visible that linux loads quite a long time (especially SUSE with KDE). Morph OS looks great, but they didn't show any heavier programs running on it. OS is responsive, however, is it usable?

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RE[3]: one hour video....
by tonestone57 on Mon 16th Jul 2007 18:19 in reply to "RE[2]: one hour video...."
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In regards to MorphOS on the Efika,
You're right that 3d might not work well on that system ( probably crawl ).

As for games, I wanted to see them play some 2d games which I'm sure it could handle.

For videos, I'm certain it can handle mpeg2, but I wonder if it could playback divx/xvid well & what processor usage. Can it play multiple mpeg movies simultaneously?

They didn't show how it handles multimedia, etc. Or try to stress out MorphOS to show what it could handle.

And the system specs are just too low - that only the real enthusiasts will end up buying it. If they want to get serious they need to up the specs to something more realistic as outlined in my previous post and create a good demo video to show off MorphOS on the Efika.

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RE[3]: one hour video....
by aliquis on Mon 16th Jul 2007 22:55 in reply to "RE[2]: one hour video...."
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lol, you doubt 400MHz and 128MB ram is enough? How did you survived in the P2 days? Linux and X and KDE wastes way more resources/memory than Amiga apps, old Workbench took like 300kB of the 2MB memory in the A1200, of course MorphOS uses more but 128MB is plenty as long as you don't do heavy computing stuff of course.

It's not the best database server platform... But for AmigaOS-like desktop it's more than enough.

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RE[3]: one hour video....
by pczanik on Tue 17th Jul 2007 04:32 in reply to "RE[2]: one hour video...."
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The openSUSE part was a bit messed up :-) I made a last minute change to configurations to also demo, that XGL also works nicely, even if a bit slowly on the machine. Of course, one should not make such a change in last minute, while it worked before the show, it failed ugly during the show. The law of Murphy was upon us...
Without XGL and GDM running, xfce starts and works quite fast on this machine, and with Opera, Gnumeric & AbiWord, most of today's desktop usage is covered with fast and easy to use applications.

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