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Intel Intel has unveiled an ambitious project aimed at developing open source software for mobile devices. The Moblin project comprises a Linux kernel, UI framework, browser, multimedia framework, and embedded Linux image creation tools, along with developer resources such as documentation, mailing lists, and an IRC channel.
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RE[2]: hmm...
by Lobotomik on Tue 17th Jul 2007 13:55 UTC in reply to "RE: hmm..."
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The only thing they can do is close up future versions of Hildon. I don't think they're dumb enough to do that.

Especially bearing in mind that Hildon is but a thin layer of lacquer over GTK/Gnome, and that Nokia's software for the N700-N800 is more than 99% taken verbatim from the Free Software ecosystem.

I'd be pretty surprised if they didn't see this coming.

Even more, I'd be pretty surprised if an Intel based Nokia N900 was not already in the works.

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