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Syllable, AtheOS Flemming Sørensen created the new Live CD for Syllable 0.6.4. It needs 64 MB of memory. New is the availability of a BitTorrent download. If you are contemplating what to develop for Syllable: Arno Klenke made a new release of the sIDE integrated development environment. The included Sourcery code editor needed to be recompiled to run on Syllable 0.6.4. Also, Kristian Van Der Vliet recently rewrote all Syllable documentation.
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I watched that video and 3 things struck me.

Did that guy early on remind anyone else of Christopher Walken?

That was extremely impressive for it's time and the hardware it had.

But pretty primitive compared to any modern OS. Bragging about being able to scale to 8 processors and not bog down when maxed out? Playing an uncompressed video on top of another one? Handling a crashed app without crashing the OS? If a Linux distro bragged about doing these things today, it would be laughed off the internet. Some of the stuff they did manipulating the video was pretty neat, but I have to wonder if transitioning from 1 source to the other is very useful - it's certainly something current apps could do if they wanted to.

Anyway, it's too bad BeOS didn't survive, because they were clearly ahead of their time.

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All of these things linux can do..

you are confusing various things, you have to realize that when you install a "desktop" linux distribution today, you get a much more complicated system, which you probably would describe as "bloated".

But this is where Linux and all the free software's strength is, you could without too much trouble brew up a very custom tailored suite of software based on linux and other free software, to do this, and in the same performance range. Will it be with gnome? no, with kde? no. but did BeOS have these huge things? no.

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than ask yourself:
Why is it complicated?
Aren't there any ways to make it simplier?
Isn't it possible to "hide" the complexity.

I think one of the problems of the "desktop" linux is that it still grows on the design failures of the past.
They can't say: "Now we start from the beginning and create a new and better foundation".
Apple was able to do that and Microsoft will perhaps do the same in the next years.
Linux is getting old and perhaps the time will come (in the next 10 years?)for something new.

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