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Syllable, AtheOS Flemming Sørensen created the new Live CD for Syllable 0.6.4. It needs 64 MB of memory. New is the availability of a BitTorrent download. If you are contemplating what to develop for Syllable: Arno Klenke made a new release of the sIDE integrated development environment. The included Sourcery code editor needed to be recompiled to run on Syllable 0.6.4. Also, Kristian Van Der Vliet recently rewrote all Syllable documentation.
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RE[2]: Imagine...
by smitty on Wed 18th Jul 2007 07:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Imagine..."
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Imagine what kind of babel tower we'd have if all linux developers, instead of making 7000 forks of a same thing, would work together?

I'm imagining it, and it doesn't look pretty. I'm seeing a monstrosity of a program that no one actually likes to use except the developers and much lower participation in free software. Sure, some forks are just stupid and wastes of resources, but one of the best features of open source software is the evolutionary process it creates. Someone creates some software, there are disagreements about what to change in it, and a fork is created - then the users and developers get to vote and pick which one they like better instead of simply being locked in to what 1 person likes best. Better software rises to the top and the crud dies out, at least in theory. It's also OSS's greatest weakness, but don't pretend it is all bad.

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