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Opera Software Opera 9.22 has been released; mostly a bugfix and security release. "We released 9.22 today and it's a recommended security update. There are changelogs for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/UNIX. Bit Torrent also received some nice improvements, so it should be quite a bit faster now."
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> it's an inconvenience to "do it the hard way" by
> downloading and manually installing the update, but
> come on! I just did it on Ubuntu and it tool me like,
> 20 seconds

Still, opera has a deb repository, so why can't some guy at opera spend 20 seconds updating that repo so that thousands of people wouldn't have to spend 20 seconds each manually upgrading opera? Or even better, automate the whole process so that nobody will have to spend any seconds on it.

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Maybe because they don't want to overload their servers?

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> Maybe because they don't want to overload their servers?

Oh, c'mon! The number of people using is a very small fraction of the total number of downloads.
If the main point with automatic updates is to get all the newest security fixes then why would they delay a security fix release only for people with automatic updates?
The repo is not on the same server as the manually downloadable files, so if they are going to update the deb repository anyway at some point then the same potential overload will happen anyway (except if most users have already upgraded manually, but then there'd be no point for having a deb repo if people aren't using it).
As I said, there's no proper reason for having a deb repo that's not up-to-date.

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