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Novell and Ximian "Last month, Novell decided to push the limits of developer empowerment and perform an elaborate experiment in innovation by liberating the company's entire Linux engineering team for one full week of free hacking. During Novell Hack Week, hundreds of skilled developers employed by Novell at various facilities around the world worked together on open-source projects of their choice. Driven by creativity and passion instead of deadlines, instructions, and executive decisions, Novell's best and brightest created impressive new software and added innovative improvements to existing programs."
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by hibridmatthias on Fri 20th Jul 2007 00:33 UTC
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I have to say the amount of negativity related to this article is pathetic and disappointing.

It is so rare in our society that we get to flex our creative muscles especially in the mind numbing world of big business that I think this is great.

I am a pharmacist but was given the chance to write a program for aminoglycoside dosing just because the old machine that had the calculations hard coded onto it died. I smile and happily go to work each day knowing that whenever I feel the need, I can bust out my linux laptop at my desk and create and try to learn something new (ie Ruby) while not suffering for it.

The people at Novell are getting the opportunity as well. They also have a light at the end of the tunnel when management says, Hey we can do this in 6 months again..." It motivates, it builds morale, it makes people happy.

I have three friends all that develop for big companies. In each case, they all have a place to go to take breaks from coding: to play role playing or board or card game et cetera..just to let their ideas flow. It isnt just Google that takes this approach. It is kind of like cross training for the brain...

As for ripping on the projects, it is what THEY want to do, not what YOU want. If you want something, either go code it yourself, write to the company, or shut the heck up.

As for the deadline, it doesnt matter; it is adeadlines that give a sense of urgency; it is in the flurry trying to meet that deadline some of us do our best work.

If you want to sit around, complain, and smoke pot all day that is fine, but dont rip on a company for trying to promote creativity or belittle the work people do with that time. It is disrespectful, insolent, and shows short sightedness.

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