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Opera Software Opera 9.22 has been released; mostly a bugfix and security release. "We released 9.22 today and it's a recommended security update. There are changelogs for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/UNIX. Bit Torrent also received some nice improvements, so it should be quite a bit faster now."
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Given that there are 365 different linux distributions on distro watch ALONE, with at least THREE major packaging methods and quirks that have to be coded around for every major distro... Be thankful they at least BOTHER to give you a targeted .deb instead of telling you to just build from source. Frankly given the sheer volumn of distribution methods and targets needed for linux, I'm surprised they even put in that much effort on it.

What, you thought the near total lack of commercial grade software under linux was due to closed vs. open source? Try absurd number of target kernels, absurd number of target distros and absurd number of distribution methods.

At least you aren't using alien to try and get an RPM to work because that's the only method they package it. There's a reason I have high hopes for a common API to wrap them all and simplify distribution as proposed by the LSB back in January.

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I'm sure its being discussed further up the forum, There are a lot of Distributions becuase GNU is a vibrant successful marketplace, with specialist distributions that run on old machines; multimedia applications, games, router, firewalls.

A distribution is essentially what someone considers an ideal package. You can argue that no choice *is* better than no choice, but as we have seen from the Microsoft world, your not offered a choice, just increasingly crippled versions.

Why shouldn't their be a choice of package managers, kernels, file managers etc The best technology will win out, and each will have a Desktop that addresses their need.

I could go on but its in another thread, its off topic, and those that love opera are being denied the opportunity to rave about another successful release.

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