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Linux PolishLinux reviews PCLinuxOS 2007. "I must admit I am impressed by PCLinuxOS. And according to the distro slogan, which includes the two words 'radically simple', installation and configuration of the system is really easy, and the system is very friendly in everyday usage. Some of this 'radical simplicity' should be credited to hammered out details, and the system's elegant appearance (although this is a matter of individual taste). Regular users will find in PCLinuxOS everything they need 'out of the box'. Thanks to the consistency and the possibilities to configure the system with graphical tools (e.g. PCLinuxOS Control Center) this distro is close to ideal for those starting their adventure with Linux systems and migrating from Microsoft Windows systems."
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Radically Simple - too true
by waynej on Fri 20th Jul 2007 13:18 UTC
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I came to PCLinuxOS at the 0.92 release and have never looked back. After using Xandros, Ubuntu, Mepis, etc. I decided (on the strength of a review similar to this) to give it a try and while preceding releases were very good, 2007 is stunning.

Aesthetics - very good, very 'professional' looking
Stability - peerless
Speed - quick to boot and to use
Packages - good choice and very easy to manage
Support - excellent forums, good comunity

I still try other distro's from time to time (esp. Ubuntu) to compare and see if they can offer anything different but I haven't found anything to make me consider giving up PCLinuxOS.

I know other people may get different milage out of this (or any other) distro, but for me it is perfection.

Kudos to Tex and his team.

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AlexandreAM Member since:

Is it any good using other DE's than KDE ?

I Always saw it as a "KDE-Based" distribution and I can't stand KDE (personal taste, let's not start a flame on that).

I'd really give it a fair try if I could load, say, Xfce or GNOME in it easily. So, if it is possible, please tell me ;)

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waynej Member since:

All the main DE's are available and work well. I mainly use KDE but sometimes find myself using Fluxbox or XFCE for a change - all work very well.

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crazybob Member since:

KDE has got the best intergration in PCLOS.

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wannabe geek Member since:

If you like XFCE, I would suggest SAM Linux, a XFCE-based PCLOS remaster. I haven't tried it because I'm ok with KDE.

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RE: Radically Simple - too true
by flanque on Fri 20th Jul 2007 22:16 in reply to "Radically Simple - too true"
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OK, I'll give it a go. It seems interesting. Thx for the comments.

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